Using the forum: hints and tips for getting started

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Using the forum: hints and tips for getting started

Postby John White on Mon Jun 26, 2006 3:54 pm

This thread is for filling with helpful tips for how to find your way around an internet forum and how to get the most out of it

Firstly, how to register:

Click the "register" link halfway along the bar under the site banner

Once you have accepted the compulsary page, you will see a screen like the one below:


Ive cut it down a little for demonstration purposes

The first box is Username: this is the name you will be known as on the site. It could be your real name, or it could be whatever you like: up to you.

The next is for your e-mail address: this must be a genuine email address that relates to you

Theres is then a box for password: what you write in there will appear as circles, but its the password you will use to access you membership on the site. When you have typed it once, confirm again in the box bleow

And thats it! Thats all you need to do to get a membership with Malvern Messages...the rest is extras...scroll down to the bottom and accept

How to set a signature (and other details)

Further down the signup screen, or on the "profile" screen when you have joined (the link will appear on the bar under the banner) there are extra details you can complete:


The top four Ive left blank as I dont use them...if you do and you want to share you details (its optional!) complete the fields shown here

The signature is a statment that will appear underneath every one of your a theme that follows you around. Type something deep, meaningfull, or extremely silly, whatever expresses you best

I havnt done one myself yet, probably as Ive had to do a lot of posts to establish the site sections and thats a lot of the same message hitting anyones eyes!

You can also follow the advice further down this thread and link Images into your signature as well...please dont make them too large, its a pain for others, especially if they dont use broadband...banner style is fact, theres something of an art form to it

How to set an Avatar

When your membership is up and runing (you should be able to log on straight away) you can visit the profile screen as described above

Near the bottom is the Avatar control panel:


An Avatar is a small(ish) image that appears under your username when you gives a character to your personality and helps differentiate posts (plus its more interesting!)

I dont use the bottom two options myself. What I do is find an image I like browsing the net, save it to my Hard Drive, maybe chop an interesting bit out using paint (save as JPEG) and then I use a program like Irfanview to reduce the pixel count to fit within the Avatar size

(Downloadable here:

When I have the image within the correct parameters, I click "upload from your machine" and the site takes care of the rest

Another good way of getting avatars is simply to rightclick and save somebody elses from other forums on the net! (he he)

If you get really stuck (with any of the above), give me a shout
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Postby John White on Mon Jun 26, 2006 11:53 pm

How to put pictures into your posts

Right click the following link, and then click "open in new window" or "open in new tab", whichever method your brower uses:

Heres what I do:

Firstly I find and save the image I want to post and save it in "My Pictures". Google Image Search is good for finding pictures:

Or these could be pictures from a camera or scans from a scanner: in which case just save directly into the "My Pictures " Folder. Sorted out.

Then open the imageshack site: clock the "browse" button half way up the right hand side and then select from the menu the image you want to post


Then click "host it". After a short break the screen will resolve into a new page

Scroll down it and you will see "hotlinks for forums" Highlight the line of code with your mouse, right click and "copy". Then click back on your browser and post the code into the lines of your message in the "reply to post" screen

If you click "quote" at the top right of this message and look at this post, you'll see the code in place for the pictures Im using here

The links in the top part provide thumbnails. These provide smaller versions of the picture that can be clicked for a link to the full sized orignal. Three are listed for each option for redundancy


Give it a try its easy to get the hang of, and then happy picture posting! There's also more to the features of Imageshack than just what Ive described here, I also have a bookmark for the site to find it easily
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Postby John White on Wed Jul 19, 2006 7:21 pm

Next up: how to use Private Messages
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Postby Ben on Mon Aug 14, 2006 7:54 pm

getting me started cheers

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