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Postby rowanhippy on Sat Feb 02, 2008 1:02 pm

I have just joined the forum after seeing the pics on myspace from the recent Save the Belle Vue 2, i could not get there last Saturday but i was there the week before that. Keep up the good work. I have an interest in computing and currently getting to grips with using Linux as my main operating system, Linux Mint is the one i am using right now. I am also a super moderator of a worldwide friendship forum on the net and through this have made many new friends.

I am a very laid back quiet person, i am a great lover of all things to do with our environment and what mother nature shares with us. I am what could be loosely termed an ageing hippy, living in Malvern with good views of the hills which i love. Trees are also a great love of mine, the way they look, the shapes, colours and shadows they form. I have a great respect for them especially the Rowan and the Oak.

I look forward to getting to you know you all a lot better through the coming weeks and months.

Bye for now :)
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Postby John White on Sat Feb 02, 2008 1:22 pm

Hi rowanhippy, your more than welcome!

Its a big job moderating so I certainly appreciate how busy you must be with that, just until recently I was admin on a rather large internet site (10,000 members) but I've scaled it back specifically to focus on getting Malvern Messages really rolling this year, there is so much knowledge wisdom and insight in all the people in and around Malvern and its my gut feeling that we will need those qualities more and more as the 21st century continues to unfold. And well done getting into linux, I've not been brave enough to tear myself away from XP: yet! I hear there is a lot of system improvement though so I'm certainly tempted

We are very keen to cover any events in and around Malvern and if we know about it, myself and Mark will do our level best to be there
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