Love up the Grid!

Continuous world wide web synchronized dance party streamed live (and recorded) online until everyone on the planet is dancing to the same beat, same tune, same vibe. One Heart. One Love. One Tribe. All the way to 2012!

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Love up the Grid!

Postby Madan on Sun May 04, 2008 4:24 pm

Love Up The Grid!


From Sunrise 7th May 2008 Onwards

You are invited to help revive Mother Earth’s oldest and most powerful technology, in a continuous celebration of sacred sound, drumming and dance, sending unlimited rhythmic pulses of loving energy into Ancient Albion’s Circles of Perpetual Choirs.

The Twin Turntables of Albion


On 12th March 2008, Heartwave was launched, the world’s biggest ever continuous dance party, lasting 1746 days until 21st December 2012. The basic idea is get everyone worldwide all dancing to the same beat, celebrating our essential unity as one vast family, all connected by the common bond of love.

May 7th, day 56 of the Heartwave countdown, is the perfect day to begin the full-blown revival of the UK’s Circles of Perpetual Choirs, following the Beltane celebrations of solar/terrestrial fusion that fire up the entire planetary grid with optimum fertility and vitality for Mother Earth and all living beings.

And sacred sound is the key to unlocking our full loving potential and creating universal harmony.


It is now proven beyond all doubt that there once existed a unified worldwide culture, whose scattered remains still form a living harmonic grid that spans the entire planet. The ancient Vedic Brahmins and the priesthood of the European Celts, the wise and powerful Druids, performed almost identical rituals, worshipped the same Deity, revered the same secondary gods and chanted similar invocations. An unbroken cultural continuity once extended from Ireland to India.


When the seed mantra ‘OM’ is chanted into a tonoscope, the image that forms (above, left) is identical to the Shree Yantra (above, right) depicted in eastern temple art for thousands of years. The creation accounts of many diverse religions all concur that sound is the basis of form, that God brought our universe into existence through the power of sacred sound.


When the ground plan of Stonehenge is overlaid onto the Shree Yantra image formed by the utterance of the sacred syllable ‘OM’, it becomes immediately apparent that the twin circles are in identical proportion. Written indelibly into the UK’s sacred landscape, Stonehenge is one gigantic stone OM!

Rainbow Warriors


“…people of all races and colours,

who will come together in the end

times to heal the Earth and bring

about the dawn of a new age…

The medicine they carry is the

Whirling Rainbow Of Peace,

which will mark the union of

the five races as one.”

Black Elk

These times of great change leading up to 2012 have long been prophesied by many wise seers, most poignantly Black Elk, who foresaw the meteoric rise of the Rainbow Warriors, people of all races uniting to heal the Earth and bring about a new dawn of enlightenment, who carry medicine he described as the “Whirling Rainbows of Peace”. Or those CD and DVD discs, in other words, crammed full with hours of staggeringly life-changing music and documentaries that combine together to tell the true story of life on Earth, why we’re here and what are our highest prospects. There are no more potent weapons than this to rapidly dispel darkness on a massive scale, simply by downloading all the best material available, compiling it according to personal preference for maximum effectiveness, posting a few discs out to friends and enjoying many a good evening’s radical entertainment. If we share vital news and music with 12 friends and each of them share with 12 others the next day and so forth, after 9 days over 5 billion people can potentially be reached! That’s the power at our fingertips.

From sunrise, 7th May 2008 onwards, you are invited to pour your positive loving energy into the worldwide harmonic grid in a joyous celebration of our Universal Spiritual Heritage.


The ‘OM’ invocation is one of the most widely recognized and accepted representations of divinity in the form of sacred sound. Heartwave is inviting everyone, wherever you may be situated on the planet, to chant this universal mantra - and whatever other names of God, prayers and sacred invocations you may know in whatever culture - to help counteract the negative influences of our age, flood the whole planet with the healing vibrations of light, love and peace, and unite us as one global community bound together by mutual loving respect.

We are requesting everyone to focus their loving energies at the times of the rising and setting sun, midday, every hour on the hour and most especially on the 11th day of both the waxing and waning moon. These times are particularly potent


We can all make a significant contribution towards flooding the world with loving vibes and expanding the vision that we are one united, loving family, right now experiencing the extraordinary transformation of consciousness leading to the collective ascension of mankind in 2012.

If you’d like to help make the Heartwave initiative a success, please forward this e-mail to 12 friends and request them to do the same. The potential impact for global spiritual upliftment is immense;

12 e-mails sent on

Sunday can multiply to:

Monday 144

Tuesday 1,728

Wednesday 20,736

Thursday 248,832

Friday 2,985,984

Saturday 35,831,808

2 days later, 5.159 billion

World coverage in 9 days!

We know everyone doesn’t have e-mail access,

but we don’t need a media empire to speak to

the world. Just a good idea, 12 friends to share

it with and a positive, loving intention.

“There is nothing so powerful as an

idea whose time has come.”

Victor Hugo

The Heartwave initiative has already taken off, with more and more people getting involved every day. The next major Heartwave event (anyone can hold one, any place at any time) is at the Sunrise Celebration near Yeovil in South Somerset, from Thursday 29th May to Sunday 1st June. Please visit:

There will be a talk by Madan Mohan das, one of the Heartwave founders, from 7.15 to 8.30 p.m. in the Avalon Rising speakers dome in the Out Of The Ordinary arena, addressing the current Global Awakening of Consciousness, and getting everyone singing and dancing to mark the start of the Summer of Love 2008, which is all set to be the best ever!


For further details about

Heartwave news and events, please visit:

Please post any replies, ideas or comments at:

or you can e-mail Madan at:

This year’s Out Of The Ordinary festival is

from September 12th –14th. Please visit: and

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power,

the world will know peace.”

Jimi Hendrix


The revolution is here!
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